VIN # stands for Vehicle Identification Number

This is the number we use to identify your vehicle in order to give you a price quote.

Where is it located?
It is located on the vehicle's title, vehicle registration papers, or the vehicle insurance card. You can also find it written on a sticker, on the driver side door / door post OR on the left corner (driver side) of the vehicle dashboard (you will be able to see it through the windshield). In most cases it will be 17 characters (numbers & letters).

Why do we need it?
First reason - we need it to give you a quick and accurate estimate. The VIN number gives us exact information about your car (style, trim, engine size and more...). With this information we can estimate your car quick and easy!

Second reason - for a security check. We need to verify the vehicle's ownership, history, and DMV remarks.

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